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Most Californians recognize that mold can be a health hazard, whether it be found in the walls of your work environment, office buildings, schools, home, college dormitory, base housing, ceilings, or anywhere else. Fewer Californians know the extent to which mold can impact one’s mental and physical health, with mold having been linked to rashes, colds, respiratory issues, mood swings, and even depressionMold has also been linked to Lyme disease and has been cited as a possible factor in slow or nonexistent patient recovery. Properly recognizing, diagnosing, and treating mold-related illnesses can be tricky, even for the most seasoned of medical professionals, particularly when the symptoms can so easily be confused for other factors as written about in the article from Global Lyme Alliance above.

That’s why GPInspect works hand-in-glove with oncologists, internal medicine doctors, and Naturopathic doctors, hospitals, private practices, and other physicians across Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernandino, San Fernando and Riverside County to ensure healthcare professionals are educated on and understand the potential health risks posed by mold. This is particularly important for patients suffering from Lyme Disease and others with compromised immune systems, as “mold, mycotoxins, and heavy metals can seriously impact recovery,” according to Jennifer Crystal writing for the Global Lyme Alliance.

GPInspect’s medical consultations and advice is informed by our twenty-two years in the industry. We have certifications from the American Society of Home Inspectors, Structural Mold Investigators, American Council of Accredited Certification, HUD, FEMA, and much more.

Many doctors recognize the importance of having the full picture of a patient’s circumstances before making a diagnosis and heading down a path of treatment. Environmental factors play a large role in that determination. GPInspect has assisted physicians for decades with examining those environmental factors in order to take the best course of treatment for each patient. GPInspect’s services include allergen assay, formaldehyde checks, lead paint testing, volatile organic compound testing, Electromagnetic Field testing, as well as examinations for E.coli, coliform, legionella, fecal contamination, and general water quality. Lyme Literate Medical Doctors (LLMDs) are encouraged to contact us to discuss testing for heavy metals, mycotoxins, and mold exposure to assist in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease and harsh allergy issues.

In addition to general environmental testing, our mold and fungus experts perform air quality tests, direct surface sampling, ERMI testing, HERTSMI-2 testing, surveys of indoor mood, mycotoxin panels, and more. For a full list of our mold-related services, please visit our mold inspection page here.

If you are a California physician in need of expert mold or toxin consultation in order to treat or prevent illness in your patients, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or over the phone today: 949-239-3727

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Melanie Gisler, DO

As a physician treating patients affected with mold illness - it is so comforting to know that homes are being inspected properly!!! Joseph is very knowledgeable and a real professional. I highly recommend Guaranteed Property and Mold Inspections!!

Fabienne B.

Joe is the best! I have mold illness and he understands better than anyone else I've dealt with - 4 other mold inspectors in my house and office - what that means and how thorough I need his inspection to be. He delivers and I trust him and he is a joy to interact with. Prompt, courteous, and professional."

Jeana L.

We scheduled a mold inspection during the covid19 crisis and they were extremely professional when coming out to do the mold inspection. Danny was super thorough in investigating and detecting where our mold issues existed. He took proper samples in the most infested portion of the home and the lab reports came at a timely manner. Danny took the time to answer my bazillion questions as we were a family suffering from mold illness. Joe was also great at answering my calls post inspection and answering all of my questions. He was extremely helpful in helping me understand the reports and the homes conditions. So thankful for them. And will recommend anytime to all of our friends and family.

Caleb C.

Joe is a really cool guy. He is knowledgeable, down to earth, and genuinely cares. He came to my home and helped to diagnose an unknown mold problem that has been plaguing my family's health for years. He had information on the health effects of chronic mold exposure and even doctors to refer us to. He answered all questions I had about the remediation process and whatever else I could think of at the time. Thank Joe. I really appreciate all of the help and will refer you to anyone who may need your services.

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