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Irvine, Orange County, CA Hospitals

Microbial growth is a common problem in all hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities. Patients with leukemia or organ transplantation and related immunosuppressive medication are at increased risk of getting severe and even fatal fungal infections from mold exposure. Moisture problems occur because of poor design, faulty construction practices, or improper maintenance. Poor decisions at any one of these stages can lead to Mold problems.

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Irvine, Orange County, CA Offices/Warehouses

In order to protect the working environment for employees and the integrity of the building, structures should be free of any excess moisture and water damage. Negligence in maintenance can cause Mold and Mycotoxins' growth. The presence of Mold will greatly compromise the Air Quality in the building. Physical symptoms related to exposure to mold or sick building syndrome include eye, nose, and throat irritation; respiratory complaints; skin irritation; nausea; dizziness, and fatigue. The human resources department and/or office manager should be aware of any such symptoms.

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Irvine, Orange County, CA Hotel/Motels

Visible mold growth is a health and safety concern when it endangers the life, limb, health, property, safety, or welfare of the public or the building’s occupants. The new mold law applies to hotels, Motels, Apartment House & any dwellings.

Code enforcement officers or county health professionals are mandated to enforce State Housing Law and have the authority to issue notices to property owners to abate qualified mold growth as routine enforcement.

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Irvine, Orange County, CA Churches

Dark, damp, and crowded church structures that contain moisture and water damage will have a negative impact on the Air Quality and wellness of the congregation and will impact the value of the building.

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Irvine, Orange County, CA Property Management/Multi-Units

The presence of mold and toxins in your investment will compromise the well-being of your tenant and diminish the value of your building. Old carpet, Engineered Flooring, Sheetrock, and processed materials are "junk food for mold."

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Irvine, Orange County, CA Schools

Managing Asthma and other health problems in the School Environment could be a Moisture & Mold problem and usually is associated with delayed maintenance or insufficient maintenance. The presence of Mold in schools creates Air Quality problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mold testing cost is dependent on many different factors. For instance, types of mold testing that may be required and how many different samples are needed depends on what type of condition the home is in, has there been current or active leaks? Have there been any water losses? The only way to answer these questions is by completing a comprehensive mold inspection of the home. This allows the hygienist to pinpoint and locates each individual area of potential contamination. The comprehensive inspection is the key component in determining if contamination is present; the site assessment also allows us to develop a mold sampling protocol that will best fit the client's needs. Comprehensive mold inspection cost depends on the square footage of your home. With that vital information, we can provide clear pricing to complete your mold inspection and mold testing.

If a general home inspector identifies areas that may have actual visible mold or areas of suspect mold, they will most likely red flag the suspect area and consult their client to have the area(s) evaluated further by a certified mold inspection firm. If this is the case with your home, do not panic! We can come to your home and provide a site assessment of the areas of concern and confirm whether mold contamination is present or not. If the laboratory returns a report that shows that fungi were not detected during analysis, then we can provide a report stating that the suspect areas do not contain any findings of concern via our investigation and data received by the accredited laboratory. If the laboratory confirms that, in fact, mold contamination is present, then we will provide you with a detailed report which includes a scope of work, so you as the client know exactly what to expect for successful remediation efforts.

If your home has tested positive for mold and a proper comprehensive mold investigation has been completed by an ACAC accredited mold inspection, you must contact an ACAC/IICRC certified mold remediation contractor to review our report, make a site visit and provide you a detailed written estimate for work to be performed. Once you have hired a remediation contractor and the contractor notifies you that the work is complete and areas are ready for post-remediation clearance, you must retain the hiring ACAC certified mold inspector to re-assess the area(s) to ensure all mold has been removed successfully and complete indoor air quality samples within the specified containment to ensure that the air quality is within a normal fungal ecology and build back of the areas may begin. Once air sample analysis has been returned by the accredited third-party laboratory indicating a normal fungal ecology, you will be provided a clearance report certifying that remediation efforts were completed successfully and to industry standards.

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Jonathan Metcalfe

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Shayna Stander

Joe and his team were an absolute pleasure! He was recommended by a family friend and I completely understand why. It was easy to make an appointment. They were very thorough, professional, and on-time. Joe verbally told me the issues he saw and assured me the report would be sent soon. The report was sent quickly and is very extensive. It has a complete plan of action for mold remediation. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

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