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Imagine a pipe bursting in your upstairs bathroom while you’re out for the day. When you come home, your house is completely flooded with water damage severe enough to dry your savings and retirement right up. That is the reality Gregg and Cindy Comey experienced on March 7, 2013, when their new house flooded. According to a 2015 article by Eileen Frere published on ABC 7, that was just the beginning of their water woes.

Despite having paid State Farm, their insurance company, premiums for two decades, the company allegedly conspired with two so-called independent contractors to cut corners, covering up mold-related issues in order to save money on refurbishing costs. According to the article, “Instead of removing mold damage, the Comeys say [one of the contractors] sprayed a white-colored paint called Kilz to cover it up, in order to pass a mold test, which initially failed.”

Unfortunately, this type of neglect by insurance companies, landlords, and Home Owner Associations is not uncommon. In 2013, State Farm stated there were 17,900 residential water related claims in California. In many of those cases, premium-paying customers ended up stuck with an outrageous bill while mold continued to fester.

GPInspect is a government recognized and Council-certified Structural Mold and Environmental Consulting & Investigation firm, using only unbiased 3rd party EPA-recognized Accrediting Organizations.They are: American Industrial Hygiene Association Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC (AIHA LAP, LLC) and American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

Our Consultants manage a wide range of projects, including commercial, industrial, and government programs, Clients have been trusting and turning to GPMI for over two decades for the support of routine environmental monitoring services, site assessments, and remediation projects. We also support specialized projects such as vapor intrusion investigations, provide method development and validation and perform identification of unknown contaminants and trace level detection.

GPMI offers flexibility in meeting a wide range of project objectives, including fast turnaround times and the ability to meet rush deadlines, as well as a high level of data quality.

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Carissa A

Joseph was amazing. He was referred to us by a good friend that I trust dearly, and he did not disappoint. He immediately felt like a friend, someone who I could trust to do an honest job and have the best results. The report was more than I ever expected, we are so thankful that we now know just how dangerous our living situation has become and how much mold is growing in our rental. Thanks again for all the proof we needed. We will definitely send all friends and family in need your way."

Jeana L

We scheduled a mold inspection during the covid19 crisis and they were extremely professional when coming out to do the mold inspection. Danny was super thorough in investigating and detecting where our mold issues existed. He took proper samples in the most infested portion of the home and the lab reports came at a timely manner. Danny took the time to answer my bazillion questions as we were a family suffering from mold illness. Joe was also great at answering my calls post inspection and answering all of my questions. He was extremely helpful in helping me understand the reports and the homes conditions. So thankful for them. And will recommend anytime to all of our friends and family."

Jane M

I've recently rented a property and when I got the keys to this property a week ago, I was hit with a smell. When I walked the property before signing the lease, I hadn't smelled anything (maybe it was because all the windows were open). Since I've moved in (a couple days after I got the keys), the smell has been consistent. Mind you, my family and I are really clean; we also have no kids or pets. However, I have a father with a health issue so it's especially important for me too live somewhere that's not a health hazard. I've contacted the property management company and they have refused to help me figure out the issue. So I decided to take it into my own hands and found Guaranteed Property Inspection on Yelp. They had such great reviews and now I know why.

When messaging with Guaranteed Property Inspection on Yelp, Dorsaye was quick to reply and answered all of my questions.

I'm so grateful that they were able to come so quickly (within 1 day notice) to inspect this property. Danny arrive on time, was very thorough in his inspection, and answered all of my many questions/concerns. He walked me through his inspection process and what I can expect to receive in the inspection report.

Thank you again for being so patient with all my questions and being so thorough in the inspection. I'm looking forward to receiving the report!

Richard S

We have just finished going thru the whole process of mold inspection, to remediation and air quality report to putting everything back together and have to give a shout out to the gang at GPI....Dorsaye, Danny and Joseph. They are fantastic and so supportive and professional. Not only were they on time for the inspections and follow up but helping in referrals for remediation and the final contractor for which there was a problem with but problem was solved very quickly and a new contractor was recommended by them and am so very happy with the new contractor....they need to put this one on their referral listing.

Going into this situation with no knowledge of what the procedures are, they were so very helpful and guided us all the way through.

Cannot say enough thank yous to the band at Guaranteed Property and Mold Inspections and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a reputable firm to handle this problem.

Again thanks"

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