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Guaranteed Property Inspections Certified Mold Testing in San Bernardino County, CA


San Bernardino County, CA Air Quality Testing

Air sampling MAY BE necessary to quantify and monitor the level of mold spores, dust mites, allergens, danders, chemical pollutants, and humidity. Air quality testing is also necessary for clearance at the conclusion of all mold remediation procedures.

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San Bernardino County, CA Direct Surface Sampling

When mold is visible, direct surface sampling is recommended. This sampling method can determine the types of molds present. However, it is not an accurate measure of the quantity of airborne mold spores present at the time of testing.

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San Bernardino County, CA ERMI

For the past decade, we have been implementing an EPA research DNA mold test suited to screen homes for mold, when ordered by a client’s physician.

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San Bernardino County, CA HERTSMI-2

This scoring system is the application of the DNA testing shown on ERMI test results. The new roster is designed to help patients (previously sickened by water-damaged buildings) understand if a given building is safe for occupancy.

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San Bernardino County, CA Survey of Indoor Mold (SIM)

When mold is visible, direct surface sampling is recommended. This sampling method can determine the types of molds present. However, it is not an accurate measure of the quantity of airborne mold spores present at the time of testing.

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San Bernardino County, CA Mycotoxin Panel (EMMA)

Mycotoxins are small (MW ?700), toxic chemical products formed as secondary metabolites by a few fungal species. The EMMA uses the most sensitive molecular detection to look for the presence of 10 of the most toxigenic molds in your home or building. The EMMA also tests directly for 15 of the most poisonous Mycotoxins using its patented Mycotoxin detection test.

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Serving the Proud People of San Bernardino County, CA

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Guaranteed Home Inspection sticks to a strict code of professional best practices while keeping our rates affordable. All of our mold inspectors and investigators must be Nationally Certified with the ACAC as an Inspector or Hygienist. San Bernardino County customers, please note: Our code of ethics does not allow inspectors to offer mold remediation services, as we want all of our customers to know the investigation is unbiased. Guaranteed Property Inspections provides detailed home inspection reports for all of our San Bernardino County home inspections. You can find a sample report showing our detailed examination with photos and descriptions on our website.

In addition, Guaranteed Property Inspections is the only US Department of Energy Certified Assessor for Home Energy Scores in the San Bernardino County area. Rest assured that we are a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rater, meaning that we are licensed by the state of California and San Bernardino County to provide ductwork and HVAC system installations.

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If you suspect there may be a mold issue, don't hesitate to call us or schedule an inspection today!

Why Choose Guaranteed Property & Mold Inspection?

Guaranteed Property Inspections offers a variety of environmental services throughout the San Bernardino County area, including testing for allergens, formaldehyde testing, allergen assay testing, lead paint testing, volatile organic compounds (VOC) testing, E.Coli testing, EMF testing, and much more. Guaranteed Property Inspections also offers San Bernardino County residents residential and commercial property inspections which both include comprehensive mold inspections.

Guaranteed Property Inspections is the go-to for quality, government-recognized and accredited, and affordable home and commercial inspections for environmental contagions, mold, and more. But don’t take our word for it. Read what our other customers have to say about our services throughout the San Bernardino County area.  Contact us at (949) 328-5754 or online to schedule a consultation.

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Exposed to Mold and Toxins?

If you would like a consultation about a mold test, contact us online Or over the phone today (949) 239-3727

State of the Art Mold Inspection and Testing

State of the Art Mold Inspection in San Bernardino County, CA

San Bernardino County. The O.C. Known around the world for its beautifully manicured beaches, iconic, yacht-filled oceanfront, and wondrous homes, San Bernardino County is California at its finest. But behind every home and within every wall exists the possibility for unwanted pests to grow and fester. That’s right. We’re talking mold.

Mold is an important fungus that grows in damp and moist places inside homes, commercial buildings, and across all of San Bernardino County’s natural sites. While outdoor mold performs the important role of helping to break down matter to reuse its nutrients, indoor mold can lead to sickness, depression, respiratory problems, and general health problems. Untreated mold can cause serious structural damage to your San Bernardino County building when left unaddressed.

How Do You Know if You Have a Mold Issue?

First, consider recent events. Has there been heavy rainfall across the San Bernardino County, CA area? Have you had a water leak or noticed an increase in water spillage into your home? Does your home smell moldy or do you see discolored spots on your carpets, walls, laundry room, or elsewhere? Don’t worry, Guaranteed Property Inspections doesn’t expect you to be an expert on conducting mold inspections or mold testing. That’s what we’re here for.

Our comprehensive mold examination inspects your entire property and provides a written report to identify the causes, locations, and correction recommendations for any bacteria, fungus, or mold found. You can read more about our comprehensive and limited area inspection options here.

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Grace Scott

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Danny of Guaranteed Property Mold Inspection was highly professional and reliable to work with. Danny does a thorough job of inspection and is patient to explain things. Build back time was urgent for us that he took extra steps to provide results amidst a busy schedule so we can arrange the next step for reconstruction.

I definitely would use them again.

Jesse Israel
Jesse Israel

Joe was referred to me by several friends who had dealt w mold issues and they said he was the best in the game. They were right. Joe was super friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, and allowed me to feel like I’m in trustworthy hands with my inspection and next steps. I’ve worked with other inspection companies in the past and Joe is on another level with reliability and expertise.
I can’t recommend him and Guaranteed Properties enough!

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If you suspect there may be a mold issue, don't hesitate to call us or schedule an inspection today!