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Guaranteed Property and Mold Inspection has been providing in-depth air quality testing services for years throughout the Orange, CA area.

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Orange, CA Air Quality Testing Experts

For full-service air quality testing in Orange, CA, call the indoor air quality inspection experts at (949) 239-3727. Guaranteed Property and Mold Inspection has the experience, training, and certifications to provide you a comprehensive inspection report.

Air Quality Testing Services in Orange, CA

During our inspection, we'll create a comprehensive inspection report for the entire property outlining air pollutant issues. Pollutants include:

Particulate materials
Temperature and humidity levels
Carbon dioxide
Carbon monoxide
and more
Air Quality Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Symptoms related to poor air quality exposure vary from person to person. In most cases, individuals with a weakened immune system, immuno-compromised, autoimmune disorder, asthma, cancer, or allergies show worse exposure symptoms compared to a healthy individual. However, prolonged exposure to mold contaminants and toxins can have adverse health effects on anyone exposed to it. Some exposure symptoms include respiratory distress, coughing, skin rash, sneezing, sinusitis, difficulty swallowing, choking, spitting up (vomiting) mucous, Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, Asthmatic signs; wheezing, shortness in breath, coughing, burning in lungs, etc., Irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, diarrhea, sharp abdominal pains, stomach lesions, Memory loss; brain fog, slurred speech, Thyroid irregularities, Headaches, Chronic fatigue, Reproductive system complications, and Seizures, inadvertent body jerking, twitching.

Air quality testing can detect a number of airborne contaminants. Some of the more common contaminants that air quality testing shows are: Identification and enumeration of fungal spores, total dander, fiber and pollen counts, cellulose fibers, dander, fiberglass, and other particles that may affect indoor air quality and bacteria and viruses. 

Each Air Quality test consists of two samples, one from the suspected area, and one base sample from outside to compare the two. General indoor air quality testing duration normally lasts between 10-15 minutes per sample, plus set up a time for equipment. However, if a client would like to determine the prolonged exposure potential to suspected airborne contaminants we also offer a 24-48 hour air monitoring system to show a more accurate depiction of the home's indoor air quality.

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Grace Scott

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Danny of Guaranteed Property Mold Inspection was highly professional and reliable to work with. Danny does a thorough job of inspection and is patient to explain things. Build back time was urgent for us that he took extra steps to provide results amidst a busy schedule so we can arrange the next step for reconstruction.

I definitely would use them again.

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Richard Seekins

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We just had our inspection completed and have received the report and we must say they deserve 10 stars for excellence in workman ethics, punctuality, customer service, and professionalism.
Would highly recommend this company to anyone considering having a mold inspection done.

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