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Guaranteed Property Inspections Certified Mold Testing in Los Angeles, CA

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Air Quality Testing in Los Angeles

Our mold inspection and testing methods allow us to identify, quantify, and monitor what kinds of contaminants are in your home. Not only do we test for chemical pollutants and mold, but we’re also able to assess danger, allergen, and small particle levels.

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Los Angeles Direct Surface Sampling

If the mold is already visible in your home, it’s time for direct surface sampling. This allows us to determine exactly what kinds of molds or mildews are present, then plan a course of action for their remediation. The goal is to stop the spread in its tracts - quickly.

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Assessing Mold in LA with ERMI

Using EPA research, we employ a DNA mold inspection test to identify the molds within your home. The EMRI test analyzes dust in the building, then uses a quantitative polymerase chain reaction to quantify the mold species present.

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Identify Mold with the HERTSMI-2

When we conduct EMRI tests, we use HERTSMI-2 scoring. This helps us convey to homeowners and patients how dangerous their mold growth is. The more you know about the mold, the more effectively you can remediate it.

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Los Angeles Survey of Indoor Mold (SIM)

The GP Inspection team travels to homes throughout the Los Angeles area, providing in-person mold surveys. When you need us, we’ll arrive at your door ready to look for mold, identify it, and plan a course of future action.

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Mycotoxin Panel (EMMA) in Los Angeles

Using the most sensitive level of molecular detection possible, we identify small toxins (mycotoxins) that are released by fungal species. During our mold inspection, we look for 10 of the most dangerous molds in your home, as well as these mycotoxins.

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Serving the Proud People of Los Angeles, CA

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Every mold inspector and investigator on our team is certified with the ACAC. This isn’t our first time around the block - we know how to treat LA homes quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we’re not trying to sell you remediation services. When we should up for a consultation, we’re strictly there to find and identify.

Want to know a bit more about what one of our mold inspections looks like? Take a look at an online example of our reporting. When you receive a report from us, you’ll receive detailed explanations and recommendations for future action.

Many don’t know that GP Inspections is actually the only US Department of Energy Certified Assessor for Home Energy Scores in the Los Angeles area. Our goal is to do more than look for mold. We want to assess your air quality as a whole and ensure your family is breathing clean, safe air, and mold inspections are a big part of that.

Feel Safer in Your Home

Mold grows quickly. At the first sign of growth, give us a call. Our mold remediation experts will address the problem and keep your home safe.

Why Should You Choose GPMI to Help with Mold?

Our mold inspection team offers a variety of environmental services in the Los Angeles region, including:

  • Allergen testing
  • EMF testing
  • VOC testing
  • E. Coli testing
  • Formaldehyde testing
  • Allergen assay testing
  • Lead paint testing
  • And much more

Keep in mind that we don’t just survey Los Angeles homes. We also help with commercial mold inspections for businesses across the metroplex. No matter what kind of growth you’re dealing with or what kind of building you’re in, let us know and we’ll do what we can to help.

We don’t want you to just take our word about our level of service. Listen to what other customers have to say. Then, contact us online or call (949) 328-5754 to schedule a consultation or a mold inspection.

Indoor Mold Inspection With Homeowner

Are You Dealing with Mold in Your Home?

Then it’s time to schedule a consultation. Contact us online or by phone. We’re standing by to help with growth and infestations.

State Of The Art Mold Inspection And Testing

Professional Mold Inspection in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is known for many things: Hollywood, manicured beaches, amazing restaurants. One thing that we don’t talk about? The presence of mold in so many homes and businesses throughout the area.

All locals know just how humid summer months and beach-life can be. Couple those conditions with old buildings and cramped spaces, and you’ve got an ideal recipe for mold.

There are many benefits that come with California living - mold growth isn’t one of them. The longer mold goes undetected in your home, the worse the health effects and deterioration of the building can be. Don’t wait if you suspect mold - schedule an inspection ASAP.

How Can You Tell You Have Mold in Your Home?

The big red flag that can accompany a mold infestation: health problems. If you or someone living in your house has been experiencing allergy-like symptoms, respiratory issues, headaches, or other mysterious problems, you could be dealing with mold growth.

Another way to tell if you have mold in your home is to pay attention to humidity and moisture levels. Have you experienced a recent flood or leak? Do you notice foul smells or areas of discoloration? All of these can indicate that mold is present - and spreading.

Don’t wait until the infestation worsens to ask for help. Call us to schedule a mold inspection immediately. Either we’ll put your mind at ease or we’ll help you deal with the growth quickly.

When you call GP Inspections to conduct a mold examination, we’ll assess your entire property and leave no stone unturned. Then, we’ll provide a detailed report that will help you understand exactly what you’re up against. To learn more about what goes into our inspections, click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a general home inspector identifies areas that may have actual visible mold or areas of suspected mold, they will most likely red flag the suspect area and consult their client to have the area(s) evaluated further by a properly certified mold inspection firm. If this is the case with your home, do not panic! We can come to your property and provide a site assessment of the areas of concern and confirm whether mold contamination is present or not. If the laboratory returns a report that shows that fungi were not detected during analysis, then we can provide a report stating that the suspect areas do not contain any findings of concern via our investigation and data received by the accredited laboratory. If the laboratory confirms that, in fact, mold contamination is present, then we will provide you with a detailed report which includes a scope of work so you as the client know exactly what to expect for a successful mold remediation/removal. We also can provide our clients with a list of properly certified mold remediation companies.

If your home has been tested positive for mold and a proper comprehensive mold investigation has been completed by an ACAC accredited mold inspector/hygenist, you must contact an ACAC/IICRC certified mold remediation/removal contractor to review our report, make a site visit and provide you a detailed written estimate for work to be performed. Once you have hired an accredited remediation contractor and the contractor notifies you that the work is complete and areas are ready for post-remediation clearance, you must retain the hiring ACAC certified mold inspection company to inspect and re-assess the area(s) to ensure all mold has been removed successfully. An indoor air quality sample must be taken from outside of the property, and one within the specified containment to ensure that the air quality is within a normal fungal ecology, and the build back of the areas may begin. Once air sample analysis has been returned by an AIHA accredited third-party laboratory indicating a normal fungal ecology, you will be provided a clearance report certifying that remediation efforts were completed successfully and to industry standards.

Poor indoor air quality can cause a variety of negative health side effects, including:

  • Irritated eyes, noses, and throats
  • Shortness of breath
  • Aggravated asthma
  • Respiratory problems
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Heart concerns

The longer a person is exposed to and breathing air pollutants, the more severe these health consequences can be. In general, children and seniors are the most at-risk, as well as people with pre-existing allergies or respiratory conditions.

The EPA’s official recommendation is that you have your air ducts cleaned as needed. You should also have your ducts inspected before each heating season to avoid the spread of carbon monoxide from fireplaces, stoves, or other fuel-burning appliances.

California regulations strictly forbid this as a conflict of interest.

This is a valuable educational opportunity, and an inspector’s refusal to allow this should raise a red flag. Never pass up this opportunity to see your prospective home through the eyes of an expert.

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Danny of Guaranteed Property Mold Inspection was highly professional and reliable to work with. Danny does a thorough job of inspection and is patient to explain things. Build back time was urgent for us that he took extra steps to provide results amidst a busy schedule so we can arrange the next step for reconstruction.

I definitely would use them again.

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These guys were awesome. Very clear and concise. The inspector took his time and was very diligent. We were fast-tracked on the purchase, and Guaranteed was responsive. Would recommend it to anyone!

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