Mold Inspection Code Of Ethics in Irvine, Orange County, CA

Mold Inspection Code Of Ethics in Irvine, Orange County, CA

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Mold Inspection Code of Ethics - Irvine, Orange County, CA

In accordance with American Council for Accredited Certification code of ethics, we investigate and test for mold only; we do not remove or remediate mold, nor do we have any financial relationship with remediation companies, real estate or insurance companies.

Based on our inspection we will refer you to ACAC certified mold remediation companies that will provide you with a FREE estimate for safe mold removal based on our written report.

You can be assured, therefore, that we have no financial incentive to find mold in order to charge extra fees for mold abatement, or sell you air cleaning products that have not been verified by scientific research.

Beware of “mold” remediation companies / “mold experts” that offer to both test and remediate mold problems, or sell you high price air cleaners and other products; these sales tactics are considered a conflict of interest in our profession. Unfortunately, there are companies that are using scare tactics to charge unwarranted fees for mold testing or remediation that may be based on non-existent mold contamination and health scare claims.

Council Certified Structural Mold Investigator in Irvine, Orange County, CA

Be sure to investigate all “mold” company claims with past customers, your physician and the only accredited professional certification association for mold inspectors; ACAC.

Mold intervention is a scientific work in progress, beware of individuals that claim to have unproven and non-scientific interventions such as duct cleaning, mold dogs, ozone treatments, heat treatments, miracle mold killing solutions or biocides.

With lax or nonexistent government regulations in California, only a few of these problem companies have been fined by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Certificants of the American Council for Accredited Certification

We conduct a mold investigation and testing only. It is a conflict of interest, as well as a code of ethics violation, for mold inspectors to bid on remediation or repairs related to mold. Beware of companies that are not ACAC Certified and or offer to inspect, test and conduct remediation for mold. We will be happy to refer you to qualified ACAC Certified mold remediation company in your area that will use our written findings to give you a mold remediation quote.

There is currently no regulation of the mold industry in California that will help prevent unqualified and less-than-honest companies from arriving at your doorstep.

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