Mold Testing and Mold Inspections in Huntington Beach, CA

Mold Testing and Mold Inspections in Huntington Beach, CA

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Mold Testing in Huntington Beach

Hunting Beach, aka “Surf City,” is known for its nearly nine miles of beach, perfect climate, and world-renowned surfing. Hunting Beach residents know it for the Huntington Beach Pier, the International Surfing Museum, the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, and much more. Guaranteed Property Inspections knows Huntington Beach for all of those things, but for different reasons, too. We know it for the generous, wonderful people who have welcomed us into their homes and trusted us to diagnose environmental and microbial issues for the last twenty-two years.

As many Huntington Beach residents already know, Guaranteed Property Inspections’ home environmental testing helps keep you and your family safe, secure, and contaminant-free. With each home inspection, a member of our accredited team performs an environmentalenergy efficiency, and mold test.

During an environmental test, our inspectors check for allergens caused by biological contaminants, including bacteria, animal danger, and pollen, as well as traces of lead paint, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, known as VOCs, E. Coli, and more.

When you schedule your home inspection, we offer a free conservation energy audit. This report is included in your home report and provides suggestions for how to conserve energy, ultimately saving you money.

Finally, our mold testers are experts on the recent California mold legislation change and conduct all of our interviews accordingly. During the interview, our Certified ACAC mold inspectors search using sight, infrared thermal imaging, moisture meters, and borescope cameras to determine where there’s mold and what kind of danger it poses, always sticking to the Mold Inspection Code of Ethics. You can find sample mold reports here.

Guaranteed Property Inspections loves Huntington Beach. We want to keep it safe from any unnecessary health hazards caused by mold and other contaminants that other areas have experienced for generations to come. If you think you might have a mold contamination issue, contact us at 949-239-3727 or online to see how we can help.

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