Tree and Planter Dangers.

Published May 14th, 2018 by Guaranteed Property Inspections LLC

All About tree and planter dangers.

Trees and planters are generally a desirable feature of home landscaping, tree and planters can pose a threat to buildings in a number of different ways. Trees and planters installed too close to your structure can cause damage to the foundation or to the exterior wall causing stucco or cladding deterioration which is an easy access for moisture into your homes interior. In addition:

  • Roots can sometimes penetrate a building’s foundation through pre-existing cracks.
  • Large root systems that extend beneath a house can cause foundation uplift.
  • Roots can leech water from the soil beneath foundations, causing the structures to settle and sink unevenly.
  • Leaves and broken branches can clog gutters, potentially causing ice dams or water penetration into the building.
  • Tree roots can potentially penetrate underground drainage pipes, especially when they leak. Water that leaks from a drainage or sanitary pipe can encourage root growth in the direction of the leak, where the roots may eventually enter the pipe and obstruct its flow.

Recently we completed a mold inspection where a large tree and planter was installed next to the clients home. The tree was visibly touching the clients home as well as the planters soil was covering the entire weep screed and covering about 4 feet of the exterior wall. This poses a large risk for moisture intrusion. Soil and plants hold water and the longer that water impacts the exterior wall the greater risk for moisture intrusion. In this specific inspection, the tree in addition with the soil, had penetrated the exterior wall causing moisture intrusion to the interior also causing mold growth at the entire garage wall.

To make matters worse the area of the mold contamination had spread to a common shared wall with the master bedroom. The client had reported feeling very sick and suffering other symptoms related to mold exposure. We quickly found this source so that the client could begin mold remediation and start there journey to a healthy home.

If you suspect mold in your home or are weary of the indoor air quality of your home call Guaranteed Property and Mold inspections at 949-230-6800. You will have a FREE phone consultation with a CERTIFIED mold inspector, we can have a CERTIFIED mold inspector to your home the same day to assess your property.

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