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Direct Bonding Of Standard Csst

Direct Bonding Of Standard CSST

Direct bonding is required for gas piping systems incorporating standard (yellow) or uncoated CSST whether or not the connected gas equipment is electrically powered. This requirement is provided as part of the manufacturer’s instruction for single-family and multi-family buildings and required by the 2009 and later editions of the National Fuel Gas Code, the International…
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Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome? What Is It?

What Is Sick Building Syndrome? The sick building syndrome comprises various nonspecific symptoms that occur in the occupants of a building. This feeling of ill health increases sickness absenteeism and causes a decrease in productivity of the occupants. Occupants of a building experience acute health- or comfort-related effects that seem to be linked directly to…
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Importance Of Repairing Fireplace Cracks

The Importance Of Repairing Fireplace Cracks!

After conducting a few home inspections this past month I began to start noticing a pattern. Upon inspecting the fireplace two major issues stood out in each home I inspected: High heat caulking was missing at the gas line. Cracks at the firebox within the fireplace. Both of these defects pose a severe hazard. This…
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