Proper Drainage System

Proper Drainage System

The importance of a proper drainage system for your home is crucial. A proper drainage system will help keep water from soaking into the building and potentially damaging the interior and structural components.

Having a proper drainage system will help in reducing the risk of mold growth inside the structure. If a proper drainage system is not installed water can deteriorate the roof surface allowing moisture into the interior which can impact the structure’s ceiling causing mold growth. Microbial growth damages standard building materials and can also threaten the health and well-being of individuals inside.

Proper roof drainage is especially important for flat roofs.

Flat roofs do not have the pitched sections of a traditional roof, so it is harder to direct the water off the roof. Despite the relative difficulty of guiding water from a flat roof, a well-engineered one is able to drain the water efficiently. Even though a flat roof does not appear to have a slope to it, a properly constructed flat roof surface will have a slight angle built in to direct the water pooling on it towards the drain and gutter system.

Not only it is important for your home to have a proper drainage system, but it is also crucial that you have your gutters and drains cleaned as needed!

Last week while conducting a comprehensive mold inspection, we were on top of the flat roof where we observed a well-complete roof drainage system that was constructed to direct water off the roof and away from the structure. The issue was that the client’s drains were completely clogged allowing water to pond on the roof and eventually resulted in water deteriorating and penetrating the roof which caused moisture damage and mold growth at their home’s ceiling.

Water is can penetrate your home through the smallest of openings. Taking the time to ensure your home is protected should be a priority. It is important to maintain and correct your home’s drainage system to avoid water damage.

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