5 Signs to Look for When Hiring an Environmental Consultant

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5 Signs Hiring An Environmental Consultant

Many people buy property without knowing it contains indoor mold infestation and poor air quality. This can be a huge mistake, as these environmental hazards could lead to adverse health effects. Plus,  any property damage repairs such as mold remediation and removal can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

So, how can you ensure that your property is environmentally safe? This is where an environmental consultant will help.

An ACAC Environmental Consultant uses scientific and technical expertise to conduct a comprehensive environmental site assessment.

They are generally hired to inspect a property for mold, lead, asbestos, water, air, and land contaminants that could cause harm to human health. For instance, an Environmental Consultant may discover that a home has a compromised air quality or contains toxic mold.

After a thorough inspection, they will prepare a detailed report of their findings and solutions based on their results. In addition, their scientific findings and report are a necessary tool for a Certified Remediation/ Removal company that will handle the removal part. This comprehensive written report also may be used to support an insurance claim, litigation, and lawsuits to recover property damages, personal injury, and punitive damages.

However, not every Environmental Consultant Company offers quality services. So, how do you find the right one? Here are five signs to look for in a great consultant.

1) Qualifications

Acac Certification

The first qualification to look for in an environmental consultant is their certification. The company should have ACAC certification – and the consultant would ideally have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field, such as environmental science, environmental engineering, or environmental studies.

Environmental Consultants need to be licensed by the state. A licensed Environmental Consultant must pass certain standards and prove that they follow OSHA safety guidelines and meet the necessary qualifications. This protects you from the possibility of disaster from shoddy practices.

A properly licensed and certified Environmental Consulting Company will only use unbiased 3rd party AIHA Certified laboratories. This accreditation is only granted to Laboratories conforming to the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025:2017, General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories, in addition to program-specific requirements as detailed in the latest revision of the AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC Policies. Commissioning these AIHA laboratories minimizes the risk of producing or providing faulty results … If the laboratory can demonstrate it has been evaluated by a third party, customers know they can rely on independent evidence rather than accepting a Hygienist word that the results are fit for the purpose.

2) Experience

Environmental Consultant Experience

Not every Environmental Company will have the same level of experience. To ensure that a consultant has the right expertise for your needs, look at their clients, competencies, and the type of case they have handled. You want to hire a consultant that has worked with similar properties and one that has a clear understanding of the variety of complex testing and sampling such as Mycotoxins, ERMI, and other sophisticated metabolique and microfungi.

Another great way to get a sense of their level of experience is by asking them leading questions. Some good questions to pose to a potential consultant would be:

  • How many years have you been doing environmental work?
  • Do you have experience working on similar projects to mine?
  • What types of environmental issues have you resolved with past clients?

It’s also a good idea to examine the reviews and testimonials of past clients. These should be fairly easy to find if the consultant has gotten positive reviews. If they are not, the company may hide that they don’t have the right expertise to provide quality services.

3) Access to Great Resources

Access To Great Resources

The Environmental Consulting company you hire should have all of the right equipment to complete your project. If a consultant lacks the proper tools, hazardous environmental concerns on your property may go undetected.

Alternatively, some companies that don’t have the best resources will hire a subcontractor for your project. This can increase the project cost, create cross-contamination and extend the completion time.

A worthwhile environmental company should be able to explain all of the resources they use in a project. For instance, a mold inspection may include a Borescope Camera, Thermal imaging, and Moisture Meter tools that help guide consultants to the source of the issue. Be sure to ask which tools they have on-site that will be used to inspect your property.

4) Look Over Their Safety Records

Environmental Services Employee Wearing Safety Respirator

The last thing you want is unsafe work practices on your property.

Of course, safety records can be challenging to find on an environmental company’s website, especially if they have a history of unsafe practices.

You can better understand an environmental consultant’s safety records through resources like BBB and OSHA. You can also ask the company the right questions, such as:

  • Are employees required to complete safety training?
  • Are employees required to wear Air Respirator System during the inspection?
  • What safety precautions do you follow while on-site?

A quality environmental consultant will have no problem answering your safety concerns and will answer them directly – rather than providing vague answers.

5) Guides You Through the Process

Environmental Companys Property Inspection Process

An environmental company’s processes to inspect a property can be complex, but you must understand it.

A worthwhile environmental consultant should be able to layout each step of their project process. However, if they don’t, you cannot trust that they will provide you with an accurate report of their findings.

In addition, they should provide you with an accurate time estimate for the project’s completion. If it’s a long project time, your environmental consultant should regularly check in to fill you in on their progress.

In Conclusion:

If you know what to look for and take the time to research your environmental consultant options, you will receive a thural and higher level of service.

If you need environmental consulting services in Southern California, GP Inspect can help. Our team of qualified consultants is dedicated to creating a safer living environment for our clients. When you partner with us, you will receive outstanding service and accurate findings.

To get a free phone consultation or schedule a mold inspection with GP Inspects, contact us online or call (949) 239-3727.

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