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Sample Home Inspection Report

What’s Included in Your Home Inspection Report?

March 7, 2022

A home inspection is a necessary part of the buying and renting process. It’s the homeowner/landlord’s last opportunity to identify any significant problems with the property before purchase. It’s also a chance for the landlord or prospective buyer to have any identified deficiencies or defects corrected before closing. During an inspection, a certified professional will…

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5 Signs Hiring An Environmental Consultant

5 Signs to Look for When Hiring an Environmental Consultant

July 12, 2021

Many people buy property without knowing it contains indoor mold infestation and poor air quality. This can be a huge mistake, as these environmental hazards could lead to adverse health effects. Plus,  any property damage repairs such as mold remediation and removal can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. So, how can you ensure…

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